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From Adversity to Success: Meet Shamar Rice, the Baltimore Club Dancer and Actor




Shamar Rice is a Baltimore club dancer and actor who is currently based in Baltimore, MD. He is on a daily mission to fulfill his dreams of becoming a successful actor and dancer. Rice started dancing at the age of five, inspired by his oldest brother, who was also a dancer.

Rice’s family formed a dance group, and he, along with his siblings and cousins, would perform at small and large events, inside and outside, to gain exposure and raise money. However, when Rice’s brother got incarcerated in 2007, he lost motivation and stopped dancing.


In an interview with The LA Note Magazine, Rice shared that he wants people to know that no matter the struggle or obstacles, they should keep going.

He believes that everyone has a downtime in their life, and stopping because things are hard only hinders what one is trying to accomplish. Rice encourages everyone to remember their “why” and who they are doing this for.

One of the qualities that makes Rice unique and different from others in the industry is his drive, motivation, determination, and perseverance. He is the kind of person who keeps putting in the work, even when it gets hard, and does ten times the work.

He motivates himself every single day by waking up and praying to God that he will one day be a series regular lead on OWN, CW, FOX, or a lead in a feature film, move his family out of the hood, among other things.

Rice says he does this not only for himself but also for his loyal supporters and fans who are counting on him to make it to where he wants to be.


Rice realized he wanted to start dancing seriously back in 2016 when he started on a new dance platform called Dubsmash. The Baltimore club music surfaced on the app, bringing back memories from 2005, and Rice made a couple of videos that gained him thousands of followers.

Later, as a freshman in high school, Rice saw a guy dancing to Baltimore club music on talent show Fridays at school, and that’s when he knew that God was sending him a calling. He connected with the guy, who led him to a dance group called TeamDoRite, and he got accepted after auditioning.

They trained him for an upcoming battle, which was a battle event by BmoreThanDance CEO Errign LaBoo aka Neek B Chill’n. After his first dance battle, Rice felt at home, and the dancers supported him even when he was at his worst.

The biggest challenge Rice faced was tearing his meniscus one night when he had an opportunity to perform and battle out in Philadelphia at an event called “Level Up Friday’s.”

Rice needed surgery to fix the tissue, but he didn’t let that stop him. He took a break to recover, worked on his craft, and bounced back stronger.

Rice’s story is an inspiration to anyone who is facing struggles or obstacles in pursuing their dreams. His drive, motivation, determination, and perseverance are qualities that set him apart from others in the industry. He is a reminder that no matter how hard things may get, one should keep going and never give up.

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