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The Intersection of Art and Business: How Franzy Staedter Balances Both to Succeed in the Fashion Industry.




Franzy Staedter is a celebrity stylist and image consultant who has styled some of the biggest names in entertainment. But her mission goes beyond just helping celebrities look their best.

Through her virtual styling program, she wants to make styling accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or budget.

In this exclusive interview with The LA Note Magazine, Franzy shares what sets her apart from others in the industry, the moment she knew she had found her calling, and how she overcame challenges to build a successful career.

The Power of Authenticity

For Franzy, the key to successful styling is authenticity. Whether it’s a celebrity or a private client, she believes that everyone wants to look and feel like the best version of themselves.

It’s not about following trends or trying to fit a certain mold, but rather finding what works best for each individual’s unique style and personality. “The goal is to bring about more confidence within them,” she says.

The Virtual Styling Program

Franzy’s virtual styling program is the result of years of experience as a celebrity stylist and image consultant. She wanted to make the option of styling accessible to anyone interested in improving their appearance, no matter their location.

Through the program, clients receive personalized styling advice and recommendations, all done remotely.

Overcoming Challenges

One of Franzy’s biggest challenges was trying to make a career out of a relatively new and unknown profession – styling.

As a profession, it only gained popularity in the 90s, so the concept of a stylist for many is still nebulous. Additionally, she had to learn how to balance being an entrepreneur and an artist.

It took time, but Franzy was able to bring those two pieces of the puzzle together and build a successful career.

Looking Ahead

To take her business to the next level, Franzy believes bringing on an experienced CEO and a private investor would make sense. But she also knows the importance of having a positive work environment, which is why her third pick would be a friendly dog.

Through her work as a celebrity stylist and image consultant, Franzy Staedter is helping people feel confident and authentic in their own skin.

And with her virtual styling program, she’s making it easier than ever for anyone to get personalized styling advice, no matter where they are.

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