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Hollywood’s Newest Rising Star: James León on His Journey to Becoming an Action Actor




James León, an LA-based actor with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, may seem like a typical delivery driver and Starbucks Barista, but he’s much more than that.

León came to Hollywood with a dream of becoming an action actor, and he’s not afraid to chase it.

The first black Superman of Hollywood

León has the campaign to become the first black Superman of Hollywood, and he believes that his greatest power will be the thirst for truth.

He wants his black Superman to be a symbol of hope for the people of Hollywood and inspire them to fight for justice and peace.

Creating art, not fame

Unlike many people who come to Hollywood looking for fame, León came to create art and spread it to the casting offices of casting directors.

He wants to tell the truth to the audience and be authentically himself. Growing up with a single mother taught him resilience, which he believes is essential in the industry.

The moment it all changed

León had an epiphany while he was on the beach, praying for a way out of a tough family situation. He received a call from a laboratory in California, which wanted to hire him.

Within three days, he packed his bags and moved from Florida to California to chase his dream of becoming an actor.

Overcoming fear and taking risks

The fear of taking risks and failing was the biggest challenge León faced.

However, he overcame it by believing in his talents and skills and having faith that the universe would align the right things for him at the perfect time. He learned to take risks and see with faith, not sight.

Top three people who could take his career to the next level

León’s top three people to meet are Michael B. Jordan, Ta-hanesi Coates, and Tom Holland. He believes that meeting them would take his career to the next level.

León is more than just a delivery driver and Starbucks Barista. He’s a passionate actor with a dream to become Hollywood’s first black Superman.

He wants to create art that tells the truth and inspire people to fight for justice and peace.

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