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From Photography to Art Direction: How This Artist is Pushing the Boundaries of Aesthetics




Los Angeles-based artist and art director, Amrita Bahl, is making waves in the creative industry with her innovative and imaginative visuals.

At just 24 years old, Bahl has already co-founded a successful content creation company, OUT OF POCKET PROJECTS, and co-leads the Los Angeles chapter of Brown Girls Climb, a social enterprise that facilitates mentorship and provides access to the outdoors and climbing for people of the global majority.


What sets Bahl apart from her peers is her unique perspective as someone who grew up in India and has since been exposed to many different cultures. This has allowed her to bring diverse elements into her work and tell stories through her visuals.

Bahl’s art practice is centered around tackling issues related to the identity formation of women of color, the direct correlation of colonialism to environmental decay and a lack of cultural diversity, and how these interrelated forces are systematically suppressing marginal bodies.


Despite the challenges of choosing a field of study that doesn’t guarantee financial stability, Bahl remains committed to her art and its contribution to dismantling systems of inequality.

She recognizes the importance of the conversations she is bringing into the art and academic spaces and hopes to lay the foundation for future artists of color.

Looking to take her career to the next level, Bahl has her sights set on meeting and working with top talents in the industry, including fine artist Lauren Halsey, photographer Amber Asaly, and magazine editor Anna Wintour.

Through her bold and boundary-breaking visuals, Amrita Bahl is proving that creativity has no limits and that diverse perspectives are essential to shaping the future of art.

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