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LGBTQ Activist and Actor Matkai Burmaster Talks Diversity in Film Industry




Matkai Burmaster is a proud LGBTQ actor, director, and creator who is passionate about creating a more inclusive, diverse, and loving world.

He is also the co-founder of Fearless, a streaming service dedicated to providing inclusive films, series, and shorts.

Matkai’s journey has been marked by a fierce dedication to celebrating his identity and ensuring that underrepresented voices are heard and celebrated.

A Love for Entertainment and a Need in the Industry

Matkai’s love for entertainment began in theatre and later transitioned to working in film. After graduating from film school, he struggled to find work and began creating his own films and series.

This led to the creation of Fearless, which was born out of a need for a streaming service that celebrated diversity and inclusion.

Celebrating Identity and Underrepresented Voices

What sets Matkai apart from others in the industry is his pride in his identity as a bi, queer, gay, and LGBTQ person.

He is on a mission to make the film industry more inclusive and diverse, and his work at Fearless is a testament to that. In addition to creating films and series, he is also an activist in his community and online.

Overcoming the Inner Saboteur

Matkai acknowledges that his biggest challenge has been his own inner saboteur. Like many of us, he struggles with imposter syndrome and the feeling that he’s not good enough or hasn’t accomplished enough.

He overcomes these feelings daily by reminding himself of his accomplishments and focusing on his goals rather than perfection.

Inspiring People, Not Just Celebrities

When asked which three people he’d like to meet to take his career or business to the next level, Matkai chooses to focus on people who inspire him.

He values bravery, authenticity, and creativity, and isn’t concerned with commercial success or fame.

Matkai Burmaster’s journey is a testament to the power of celebrating identity and the importance of including underrepresented voices in the entertainment industry.

His work at Fearless and his activism in his community and online are proof that one person can make a difference.

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