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Emilee Moore Shares Her Inspiring Journey to Success in the Music Industry




Vancouver native, Emilee Moore, has always had a passion for music but it wasn’t until a producer friend offered her a chance to record and write together that she found her true calling.

Emilee is now based out of LA, making a name for herself in the music industry with her honest and straightforward songwriting.

Unique Qualities That Stand Out

Emilee’s authenticity and relatable songwriting make her stand out from the crowd. Her music is a reflection of her personal experiences in love and loss, and she is dedicated to helping others feel understood through her music.

She is also known for her diverse sound and ability to appeal to a broad audience.

Turning Point

Emilee knew she wanted to pursue a career in music, but she didn’t have the confidence to believe she could compete with her idols. She spent three years honing her skills and perfecting her craft before putting her music out into the world.

It was a challenging journey, but she is now proud of the music she is creating and the growth that comes with it.

The Next Level

When asked about the top three people she would want to meet to take her career to the next level, Emilee chose John Mayer, Justin Vernon, and Julia Michaels.

With her dedication and talent, it’s clear that Emilee is destined for success and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

In a world of manufactured pop stars and overproduced music, Emilee Moore’s honesty and relatable songwriting are a breath of fresh air. Keep an eye out for this rising star in the music industry.


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