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Meet Talented Artist & Entrepreneur Tyronn Motley



What is your area of expertise, who do you serve, and how do you serve them?

This question gets a little complicated for me because I do quite a few things. Everything I do provides insight into my view on things and it’s provided to those looking to expound on a new perspective. Most notably, I’m a rapper by the name of Tykillzem, serving a lesson in every bar and presenting that to not only those that love the art of the emcee but also those looking for unconventional teachings. Teacher, public speaker and now adding author and script writing to my skill set

Why would someone choose you over a competitor?

I create with my consumer in mind, leaving my target audience feeling like my product was created specifically for them because it is. I have the unique ability to meet people wherever they are because chances are I’ve experienced wherever they are. I hated school and became a teacher which some would say is the reason for my great ability to teach. I’ve played part inside the entertainment business on most levels. Have an array of experience in different fields and I’m directly connected to those fields I haven’t been in.

Share a specific time you encountered an obstacle and describe how you overcame it.

I am the “I’ll do it myself” type so I literally have millions of these. First that comes to mind is when the “Flex Program” (a program that brings career experts to teach in Baltimore City Public Schools) needed funding or it would be shut down. I made way to a government funding meeting in Annapolis, MD uninvited and spoke directly to the Obama Administration. End result, we got funding.

Share a short story about your best (or favorite) case study.

Following the previous story, I not only got funding for the program but I also got myself and 5 other career teachers hired as full time high school teachers for 2 years without college degrees. In my 2 years, I’ve gotten 70+ students Comp Tia A+ certified (computer repair). I was only supposed to have 8 students per class, all of which was supposed to be seniors who were college ready and interested in computers. This was the criteria since teaching a college level course to high school is already an uphill battle.

What I was given was 5 classes a year with the smallest class being 26 students, most of my students were 9th and 10th graders on 2nd and 3rd grade reading and math levels. To top it all off, my class ended up just being a schedule filler for students who hadn’t picked a career path. With a classroom of 20 computers, most of which didn’t work and no in school help. I got the students interested, taught them to fix the broken computers and prepped them for testing. Every student that wanted to get tested, I got test vouchers for and every one of them got certified. Those that didn’t want to get tested, I assisted in pointing them in a career path that fulfilled their interest

What advice would you give the “20-Year-Old-You” who’s eager to start in life?

Get started now! Chances are you will make mistakes but start young so you can get experience, learn lessons and bounce back even stronger.

Please describe a monumental time in your life that you’ll never forget.

Some guys attempted to fight me and some friends. Growing up how we grew up, we were familiar with fights and it didn’t end well for the guys. Problem was I had just turned 18 and found out that Maryland doesn’t have a self defense law. We ended up taking 3 years probation before judgement because we were facing 10 years. At the time it felt like the worst thing that could happen to me because no one wanted to hire me. And at that point, I prided myself on not having a record. It ended up being a blessing because it forced me to take my music serious which opened my brain up to entrepreneurship.

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