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Multi-Talented Fashion Designer Nolan Harmon Launches New Sneaker Line

Bill Choudhry



Nolan Harmon is a man of many talents, from acting and modeling to fashion design and filmmaking. But his journey towards becoming a fashion designer and launching his own sneaker line was not always a straight path.

In this article, we take a closer look at Nolan’s journey and how he found his passion in fashion, as well as his thoughts on using fashion as a form of expression and his upcoming sneaker line.

Discovering His Passion for Fashion

From a young age, Nolan Harmon had a love for fashion and always wanted to be the best-dressed wherever he went. He recalls that it was always a central part of his life, and he enjoyed making designs and putting together outfits.

After dabbling in fashion design and designing a few shirts for his line, Nolan decided to pursue it more seriously, wanting to do it on a larger scale for a bigger audience.

Nolan’s Fashion Inspirations

Nolan finds inspiration in various people in the fashion industry, but he cites Kanye West as his most significant influence, followed by Virgil Abloh and Pharrell Williams.

He admires their unique styles and how they are not afraid to take risks and be themselves.

Using Fashion as a Form of Expression

For Nolan, fashion is not just about looking good; it’s about feeling confident and expressing oneself. He believes that wearing a cool outfit that you like can make your day better and give you a sense of confidence, almost like a superpower.

He strives to make designs that he likes and that come from his creative mind, not just to please others.

Launching His Sneaker Line

Nolan’s latest venture is his sneaker line, co-created with his close friend, Will Gates. They have designed a luxury sneaker with a modern twist, combining their different styles to create a unique and covetable product.

Nolan understands the importance of comfort and functionality in a sneaker, and he ensures that his designs meet those criteria. The samples for their new sneaker line are set to arrive soon, and Nolan is excited to see how they will be received by the public.

Nolan’s Tips for Success

  1. Follow your passion, even if it’s not a straight path.
  2. Trust yourself and your creative mind.
  3. Fashion is about expressing oneself and feeling confident.
  4. Take risks and don’t be afraid to be yourself.
  5. Strive for comfort and functionality in your designs.
  6. Collaboration can bring new ideas and perspectives to a project.
  7. Don’t be afraid to take action and pursue your ideas.

Nolan Harmon’s journey towards fashion design and launching his sneaker line is a testament to his creativity, ambition, and drive to express himself.

His story reminds us to follow our passions, trust ourselves, and take risks.

We look forward to seeing what Nolan will create next and how his designs will continue to inspire others.

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