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Sara Banerjee Courageously Embraces Being An Indian Actress

Hannah Fletcher



sara banerjee indian actress

Whether onstage or onscreen, Sara Banerjee is a force to be reckoned with.

Her comedic timing, impeccable self-disciplinary skills, and extensive training are merely a sample of the positive attributes that qualify Sara with the title of a “professional actress”.

As an up-and-coming star, she is evidently grateful to be able to incorporate her heritage as one of the reasons she is able to establish and maintain a fruitful, rising acting career.

The significance of cultural ethnicity goes without saying, and Sara is a perfect example of how one should leverage what they have, who they are, and their uniqueness.

Inclusive Casting

Sara has discovered that casting has taken a shift in terms of representation and inclusivity- and that shift is certainly in a positive direction.

The opportunity for her to finally be considered to audition for roles with looser specifications on breakdowns has been a great help to her career.

As well as casting opening their eyes and ears to more open calls and stories to be told, requiring a need for Indian actors and actresses.

Vast Opportunities

It is no secret that streaming services are abruptly becoming viable sources of entertainment.

Additionally to the streaming services we know: Netflix, Hulu, Peacock TV, Roku, etc., international streaming services are also very much on the rise being multilingual-especially in Hindi and Bengali.

This allows for more chances to be given to Sara, as she is able to personally have opportunities to be a part of projects that hold great value and nostalgia to her heart.

The chances to be cast, and soothe her entertainer’s soul, are far more prevalent than ever before, and she is eager to step in and claim her spot.

Sara Banerjee

Sara Banerjee

Sara Banerjee Is Multi-cultural, Multi-faceted

Assuming that Banerjee has an inclination towards viewing films for her own personal leisure – is simply an understatement.

Living and breathing a mixture of her culture-infused movies has significantly played a role in the formation of her career.

Having grown up watching and drawing elements for her craft from Bollywood films and artsy Bengali movies, Sara Banerjee confidently states: “I have a flair for both”.

Inherent Benefits From Training

Due to extensive training in Kathak, (a form of Indian dance), she has been able to insert her training to increase the chances of her opportunities to present themselves.

When extensive training is inherently engraved into one’s muscle memory – it is inevitably only a matter of time until that training pays itself off through application and usage.

Sara Banerjee

Sara has been able to unlock new opportunities and roles due to her extensive dance background. This allows Sara to continually be a strong candidate for casting consideration in projects.

Her talented skill set deems her more than capable as an actress of authentically portraying both specific and general forms of dances for scene circumstances.

This is due to not only receiving an education in Kathak but because she is knowledgeable of her body’s spatial awareness and she is in touch with her movement abilities.

Sara Banerjee With Unique Look

Sara has discovered and deduced that her appearance is a large factor in how she is able to quickly and beautifully diversify a room.

She believes this to be true due to a lack of representation currently displayed in TV and films.

Sara is passionate about being both a catalyst and contributor for more inclusion through the blessing of her unique, rare-to-Hollywood appearance.

Sara Banerjee

It is safe to say that Sara Banerjee feels passionate about her career and that she is very aware of the tools she is able to utilize both to her advantage and to participate in the game of “making it” in the entertainment industry.

Banerjee’s bubbly personality, love of her culture, and dedication to her craft are both admirable and obvious.

It is certainly exciting to see the shift in the performance space begin to open and to know that Sara’s foot will be proudly advancing forward to claim her spot in the entertainment industry.

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Hannah Fletcher is a professional actress, host, acting coach, and journalist. Upon receiving her BFA in Acting, Fletcher relocated to Beverly Hills, California, where she currently resides pursuing a rising career in the entertainment industry. Hannah proudly stands for positivity, as she owes all of her achievements to God, her loving parents, and timeless friends.

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