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The Industry Reacts To Ali Rashad’s Videography and Photography Creativity

Vianka Petines



What is your area of expertise, who do you serve, and how do you serve them?

I am a film and video clips director, and after developing my skills more I succeeded to establish my own company ‘Video Ali Rashad’ for photography, directing and production. I work with famous and beginner artists; I do my best to provide their works with creative and original ideas so that the work would a masterpiece and reach as many people as possible. I also do my utmost to let the spectators enjoy and feel what they are watching.

Why would someone choose you over a competitor?

I think that I deserve to be chosen over someone else because I am a hard worker person, I love my job which helps me to be more productive and active in my work.

I am a passionate person about my work, who always strives to learn about the new updates in my domain, as I am always willing to develop my skills in particular, and myself in general. On top of that, I am an honest person and I care for my clients and their works as if they are mine.

Share a specific time you encountered an obstacle and describe how you overcame it.

As any person in this world, I had faced hardships and am still, since life is all about overcoming obstacles and moving to the next step. Yet, the hardest one was when the war began in my country, Syria, and I had to leave looking for a brighter future and to realize my dreams.

I want to Lebanon and there, I had to balance between study and work, and it was even harder because I was all by myself trying to start all over in a new country, and worried for my relatives, but I succeeded to get over everything and finish my studies, and directing some works.

Share a short story about your best (or favorite) case study.

In my work, there are no such things, but I would mention, that there had been works that need more focus and effort but I managed to accomplish them with some approaches that suit the situation.

What advice would you give the “20-Year-Old-You” who’s eager to start in life?

I would say to the “20-year-old-me” who wants eager to start in life, do not be afraid of taking risks, and to be brave, even if you do not succeed you will try and know. And follow your passion, no matter what it takes, and make yourself proud. And this isn’t addressed just for the old me, but for everyone who wants to succeed and achieve his objectives.

Please describe a monumental time in your life that you’ll never forget.

The event that I would never forget in my life was the first work I realized. Though it was a hot summer day and I had to rent the equipment and run all day to get things done, I did not feel any tiredness or pain, because I was so enthusiastic and determined to accomplish the work successfully.

I will never forget it since it was the step that made me realize that nothing is impossible, and it brought me more work and success.

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Vianka is skilled in social media marketing, content writing, and graphic design. She is active in strategic planning sessions and provides valuable input from her college-educated vantage point.

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