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The Inspiration Behind Saura’s Music: A Blend of Moroccan, Nigerian, and Guyanese Heritage




Sami Riffi, better known as Saura, is a 26-year-old international hybrid rapper and R&B singer/songwriter of Moroccan, Nigerian, and Guyanese descent.

Born and raised in South London, Saura has learned that music is everything, and he is living proof that with passion, drive, and determination, one can achieve their dreams.

In this interview with The LA Note Magazine, Saura speaks about what sets him apart from others in the industry, his breakthrough moment, the challenges he’s faced, and the individuals he would like to meet to elevate his career.

The Rawest Version of Himself

Saura is proud to be exceptionally, intentionally, and unapologetically himself. He prides himself on being the rawest version of himself, and he stays true to this in his personal and musical life.

Saura integrates the best of his talents and refuses to be boxed in. He has created a brand called “SweetSavage,” which highlights his vulnerability and demonstrates the equilibrium between the extreme polar opposites of light and dark. Saura’s music is a reflection of this narrative, and it shows that every individual has this duality within themselves.

The Breakthrough Moment

Saura never had any confidence in becoming a vocal artist. He used to write songs, rap, and sing to himself, but he never thought he would be good enough to showcase anything in public. However, his big moment came in 2017 after he won a competition on Instagram that offered him the opportunity to be one of the opening acts for UK MOBO award-winning artists at a festival in Cyprus.

He found himself standing in front of 600 strangers eager to listen to what he had to bring. The nerves and thrill of that moment made him understand that he was no longer a ‘bedroom artist’ but an International artist.

The Challenges Faced and Growth

The field of music is one of the most saturated places to work/live in, and it can be tiring. Saura faces the questions of whether his music is worth it, whether anyone will listen to him, and how he knows he’s not wasting his time.

However, he believes that the little wins along the way, like performing in front of a new crowd, keep him going. Saura believes that growth comes from experience and that discomfort can teach him how to make the next experience more enjoyable. Therefore, he welcomes challenges, no matter how tough they may seem.

The Top 3 People to Elevate His Career

Saura understands that the music industry works like a revolving door. Therefore, he would like to connect with songwriters. If there is a formula that works, it would be silly not to return to it.

The three songwriters that he would love to connect with are Jahaan Sweet, Eric Bellinger, and PARTYNEXTDOOR.



Saura’s music is a reflection of his rawest self. His SweetSavage brand is a reflection of the equilibrium between the extreme polar opposites of light and dark.

With his passion and drive, Saura will continue to create great music and inspire others to follow their dreams.


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