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From Self-Doubt to Confidence: The Journey of an Artist




Rachel Berkowitz

Rachel Berkowitz, also known as “Rachy B,” is a painter, fine art photographer and art teacher based in Los Angeles.

She has a BA in Fine Art from UCLA and has been creating art for over 11 years. With a passion for meditation and strong mindsets, she uses her art as a way to reach all audiences and promote positive ideas.

“The Expressive Sculptor”: A Journey Through Art

Rachel’s journey to becoming an artist started in a high school art class, where she was working on a sculpture project. During the lesson, she was so absorbed in her work that she didn’t notice her glue was sloshing all over the floor.

Suddenly, her art teacher slipped and fell on the floor, but after a few minutes, she opened her eyes and told Rachel that she was her favorite student and that she needed to become an artist. It was in that moment that Rachel knew she was meant to be an artist.

Paintings as Meditations and Photography as Stories

Rachel’s paintings are meditations that reflect her chaotic mind and aim to reach all audiences in a meditative manner.

She has painted commissioned pieces on canvas, completed projects for the Netflix show “Selling Sunsets” and painted murals for the city of LA, among others.

On the other hand, her photography tells stories that inspire creativity, freedom, love and magic.

The Challenges of Being an Artist

One of Rachel’s biggest challenges has been her own mentality. She has struggled with self-doubt, fears of failure and rejections.

The hardest part of following your dreams in a creative field is finding your voice and being courageous enough to make it heard.

However, Rachel has learned that the only way to stay grounded is to mentally remain strong and surround herself with people who believe in her and her passions.

A Vibe Curator, A Party Operator and A Mindful Stimulator

Rachel is not only an artist but also an art teacher. She teaches art to children in schools, children’s hospitals and runs a monthly adult painting class.

Her positive, creatively supportive energy sets her apart from others in the industry, making her a vibe curator, a party operator and a mindful stimulator.

With her creativity, passion and drive, Rachel is on a mission to make a difference in the world through her art.

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