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Dual persona, International upbringing, and big dreams: Meet the unique talent Jacobo Fe Gismera




In a world where success often means choosing just one career path, Jacobo Fe Gismera has chosen to pursue two: writing and modeling. But this multi-talented artist from Spain has proven that his skills transcend both fields, earning more than 100 writing awards and being published in over a dozen countries as a professional model.

For Gismera, the ultimate goal is to win an Oscar for best screenplay. But he isn’t just dreaming of the glitz and glam of Hollywood; he’s putting in the hard work to make it happen.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Gismera studied Law, Business Management, and Filmmaking in five countries, and has visited over 50 to this day. This has given him an adventurous personality and curious soul that shines through in his writing.

But Gismera’s love of storytelling began long before he ever dreamed of an Oscar. At just five years old, he made his first film with LEGOs, using a laptop to turn the photos into a digital comic book with sound.

This early passion for storytelling has fueled his writing and modeling careers, and even led him to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams.

While many people might prefer the stability of a comfortable routine, Gismera knew that leaving his home country and family behind to chase his dreams was the right step to take.

He believes that his stories have the power to improve people’s lives, and his goals are more important than his feelings. It’s this kind of determination that has led him to success in two seemingly disparate fields.

Gismera’s admiration for legendary director Steven Spielberg is no secret, and meeting him would be a dream come true. But he also looks to Eichiro Oda, creator of the famous manga One Piece, as a major influence on his work.

And of course, he couldn’t forget the screenwriting duo behind Pirates of the Caribbean, Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, whose work inspired Gismera to pursue a career in writing.

With his adventurous spirit and passion for storytelling, it’s clear that Jacobo Fe Gismera is a force to be reckoned with. And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll be seeing his name on the Oscar stage.


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