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@Sirivisa Rapidly Grows Her Company Despite Obstacles & Setbacks

Bill Choudhry



What is your area of expertise, who do you serve, and how do you serve them?

Our area of expertise lies in the generation of creative campaigns for our customers. What this means is we provide creativity as a service, combining content generation, tech, data, and a deep understanding of human intention to generate impactful storylines that are leveraged across the digital space.

In short, we tell a lot of stories and make a lot of things look cool in the food, health and wellness, and lifestyle spaces.

Why would someone choose you over a competitor?

We’re not only a production studio. We’re not only a consulting agency. We’re not only focused on providing tech services. What we provide a unique combination of skill sets and resources that are married together in the best interest of each campaign’s core objective.

When a customer works with us, they are committing to being intentional for their customers and that’s our commitment to our customers.

Share a specific time you encountered an obstacle and describe how you overcame it.

Within the first 4 weeks of the pandemic, we lost about 88% of our customers and our contracts. As with many business owners, I was really worried.

How was I to keep everyone employed? How was I going to help our brands weather the storm that was COVID-19 so that we can continue to grow alongside them?

Everything was so uncertain. Our partners were going out of business, leaving gaps we had to patch. Our customers were struggling to figure out how to pivot, and we were trying to figure out the same. Our team and myself operated out of fear of loss.

Then I slapped some cold water on my face and rolled up my sleeve.

I’m thrilled to say we got through that extremely difficult time without having to lay off team members. We made sacrifices, the whole company did. We also got really raw and authentic with our customers.

We asked hard questions, we made hard changes based on the feedback we received. We pivoted to provide what our customers needed and we were realistic about what they could afford and what impact we were giving them.

Getting through the pandemic was not about growing for us, it was about making sure we didn’t set our people back and we survived to thrive at the end of it all…and we did.

Share a short story about your best (or favorite) case study.

My favorite case study was for a non-profit we volunteered with. As a new non-profit with limited resources, they struggled to incorporate key strategies across different departments to get their story and their cause out to the public.

We quickly realized that our unique combination of services would be well suited for their needs.

First, we dove into data that uncovered race issues, geographic issues, and content consumption trends that they were previously unaware of. With that data, we were able to help them generate one of the most viral campaigns to date.

We did this by taking that information and intentionally developing content, a distribution strategy, and most importantly a story that made sense for the audiences that were consuming the content.

What advice would you give the “20-Year-Old-You” who’s eager to start in life?

Your mother was wrong. Failing (again) was the best thing that you could have done for yourself. Fail again. Fail often. You’ll learn a lot.

You’ll move forward.

Now go fail.

Please describe a monumental time in your life that you’ll never forget.

The day I hired my first team member.

I spent my whole life working for other people. It was surreal to be in the positive of leadership. To be responsible for someone’s career and to be take on the journey of inspiring others to believe in my mission that they would be excited to join me in the journey.

I remember the first day she started, I felt like such an imposter. I felt like an amateur as I showed her around the systems and processes I implemented. I remember I kept looking at her trying to read her expression, trying to gauge how authentic her excitement was.

Was she going to bail after she realized how much work we needed to do? Would she jump ship at my leadership flaws? I don’t know how to be any other way but I was sure going to learn how and I wasn’t going to let her down. She was a single mom with 2 kids. She took a chance on me…

She still works here and she now manages a team of her own.

List the direct links/URL to your social media profiles so people can follow you:

You can follow along my journey and take a look behind the scenes through Instagram:

Through this, I tell the authentic story of our business and the people and brands involved.

Bill Choudhry is an experienced cold outreach and outbound sales professional. His approach is non-salesy, consultative, and authentic. He enjoys long walks at the park, frisbee football, and baking magical brownies for his marketing friends.

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