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Jenny Saffati Is Taking Over The Brooklyn Real Estate Market

Paige Galdieri



What is your area of expertise, who do you serve, and how do you serve them?

My name is Jenny Saffati, I’m a real estate broker who also owns her own construction and concierge company. When you’re looking to buy or sell a home, there are many steps that must be taken.

From finding the right real estate broker who will take care of all your needs and wants in one package and negotiating on price down payments with sellers. It’s important for me to not only know what my clients want, but also make sure they get the property of their dreams. Whether they buy it made or build it themselves!

Why would someone choose you over a competitor?

I handle everything from the beginning to the end of the process. I enjoy my work because it is so rewarding to see the end result of a project, and I have been doing this for years.

I work closely with my clients and make myself available 24/7 to make sure their needs are met and they are completely satisfied with our work together.

Finding a home is stressful, and I want to help ease any pains that I can to make it an enjoyable process from start to finish.

Share a specific time you encountered an obstacle and describe how you overcame it.

To be a successful real estate agent, you must have the right attitude. I work hard with my clients to prepare them for every obstacle that may come up during their deal and we are always on top of things so there’s never any problems down the line!

I think the hardest part is working as the middle man and taking on the obstacles of my clients so that they can have a better buying or selling experience.

But I am committed to being an active listener and assist through the whole process. You can count on me in every step from finding property listings through closing escrow.

Share a short story about your best (or favorite) case study.

I once had a customer who wanted to buy a very specific property that was off-market. So, I had to find the current owner of that property a new home that they loved just as much as the one they were in.

It was a very challenging situation, moving one owner out and another family in, but once I did It was a great feeling.

What advice would you give the “20-Year-Old-You” who’s eager to start in life?

Make the first step, go for the goal, and give yourself small challenges.

Please describe a monumental time in your life that you’ll never forget.

When I opened up my construction company, being able to balance that with being a mom was not easy.

Trying hard every day and making sure everyone around me is doing their job well enough so we can all succeed has been more than just challenging – but also rewarding!

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