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8 PR Power Players Controlling the Airwaves in 2024




The 8 PR Power Players I’m Keeping Tabs On & How They Will Captivate Audiences in 2024

As I look at the PR and marketing landscape in 2024, companies will likely crank things up a notch to break through the noise and connect directly with consumers. 

Budgets for performance ads will still see dollars flowing, but I expect even more emphasis on original storytelling that essentially turns brands into media channels themselves. The next level play will be earning exposure rather than buying it.

That’s why I’ll be keeping close tabs on the PR power players in this list. These pros have already proven their ability to craft and amplify brand stories that captivate audiences and drive real impact. As consumer attention spans get shorter by the minute, these experts have the vision and creativity to punch through the clutter. 

Whether working with scrappy startups or major corporations, these PR talents help shape narratives and messaging that influences consumer perspectives. 

They work directly with in-house marketing teams or agencies to ideate and produce compelling content worthy of editorial platforms. Then they leverage connections to place them for organic visibility that builds brand affinity. 

In essence, these PR leaders make or break a brand’s quest to become a household name in 2024 and beyond. Their strategic counsel and content direction are fingerprints that will be all over the success stories of companies that manage to achieve direct relationship fame. 

I consider these particular PR veterans rising power players because their understanding of the media landscapes and consumer psychologies of tomorrow is unmatched. 

Their influence over brands and audiences is only growing brighter. That’s why I’ll have my eye on how they guide clients to reach and resonance in 2024.

Top PR Agents On The Move In 2024

Alexandra Greenberg, Falcon Publicity

When it comes to PR in the world of entertainment and culture, Alexandra Greenberg has already demonstrated visionary talent well beyond her years. As founder and CEO of Falcon Publicity, she has over a decade of wisdom under her belt leveraging media placements to showcase brands.

Alexandra started by handling publicity for the music phenomenon that is Coachella. Proof she had a natural knack for the intersection of art and show business from day one. These days she lends that expertise to produce buzzworthy moments for rock stars and electronic music icons constantly in the making.  

But her creative gifts don’t stop with tunes alone. She also has hustled her way to major publicity wins in areas like film, TV, comedy and the kind of large scale events that drive serious FOMO. Past leadership roles at top agencies coupled with successfully launching her own firm shows Alexandra has earned her authority in the PR world.

In short, Alexandra Greenberg is a boss. Between honed vision and network, she stays on the pulse of entertainment and marketing trends. Any brand smart enough to work with her is destined for its 15 minutes of fame, at minimum.

In 2024 and beyond, put Alexandra Greenberg on your radar as a go-getter who simply gets results again and again. For companies aiming to truly breakthrough the noise, her talents are a must-have.

Jessica Katz, Katz PR 

When it comes to navigating the Los Angeles PR scene, Jessica Katz has undeniably earned her stripes. As agency founder and multi-campaign veteran, she offers over 10 years of branding wisdom with infectious passion and drive fueling every client project.  

Jessica first started coordinating massive university events at the second largest school nationwide. Trial by fire showcasing calm even amidst chaos. The experience only sharpened her natural talents for creative storytelling and rallying diverse groups behind a shared vision. Ever the hustler, she also pioneered a complete revamp of that college’s website and social ecosystem to new engagement heights.  

Though already on the rise, Jessica saw even greater potential. She followed dreams to LA where she quickly made waves as boutique shop creative heavyweight. But never one to get too comfortable in a role, Jessica founded her own agency in 2011 to provide razor-sharp, nimble publicity programs perfectly tailored to each client.

A decade later, Jessica and her team have racked up results most can only dream of – orchestrating countless media wins and literally building brands from scratch. She seems to move at the speed of the city itself, constantly expanding connections and services to open new doors.

Simply said, Jessica Katz offers any brand or personality the insider fast-track to notoriety with her absolute command of the Hollywood publicity machine. Collaborating means your spotlight moment arrives sooner than later.  

When it comes to brand awareness in 2024 and making a name known, put Jessica Katz high on your radar. Her Southern California hardened talents for weaving compelling narratives are only eclipsed by an endless drive to put clients center stage.

Where others PR pros may rely on smoke and mirrors, Jessica delivers the goods – again and again and again. She’s already one of the most sought after players in the game. The question is: are you ready for your breakthrough?.

Heather DeSantis Holmes, Publicity for Good 

Heather DeSantis Holmes exudes infectious optimism as a vocal advocate for brands making a difference. As founder of agency Publicity For Good, she leads a 20-person team laser-focused on meeting – and exceeding – KPIs for purpose-driven clients. Heather boasts a track record herself placing conscious companies everywhere from Good Morning America to The Wall Street Journal.  

In just a few short years, Heather has built an award-winning PR firm strictly catering to both profits and people positive brands across beauty, fashion, food/beverage and beyond. So far she’s directed over 10,000 media placements and counting.  

But Heather measures success by more than metrics alone. She represents the future of values-aligned publicity where volunteer hours and donations speak louder than billable ones. Her team walks the talk through pro bono projects, community give-back initiatives and more. While dominating on coverage, Heather defines winning by joy sparked, minds expanded and lives tangibly changed.

Heather Holmes reflects greatness ready to bloom in those bravely building better business. She clarifies, amplifies and spotlights the changemaking stories daring entry in the spotlight. And with formidable skills making messages catch fire, Heather’s legacy promises its own ripple effect. Partnering means fully unlocking higher purpose…and profits soon to follow.  

When it comes to standing for more than the bottom line in 2024, put Heather Holmes on your radar as a passionate guide. She knows precisely how to translate noble intentions into tangible impact on terms that matter most.

For purpose-led companies ready to walk the talk all way to market dominance, Heather is the sherpa you want leading the ascent.

Gloria Chou, Gloria Chou PR

Gloria Chou brings a breath of fresh air to the elite PR world by empowering underestimated brands often overlooked by mainstream agencies. Her brilliance? An unprecedented pitching method helping Relative unknowns secure major media wins again and again.  

Forged without insider industry ties and relying on hustle alone, Gloria cracked the code to publicity using past rejections as stepping stones. Where others see “not ready” longshots, she recognizes the glimmer of greatness waiting for its chance. By decoding what decision makers want and arming clients with irresistible stories, her acclaimed CPR Pitch MethodTM can clinch features from top outlets.  

The proof of concept exceeds a billion media impressions and counting, as Gloria launched everyday founders into headlines across every industry vertical. Yet her sweetest rewards come from the thriving businesses left in her wake. She measures real success by the wings given to once earthbound dreams.  

Gloria Chou plays PR to empower limits beyond profit, seeking out women, BIPOC and spirited misfits for their visions alone.

These are the worldchanging stories often obscured by mainstream media. By unlocking exposure despite odds, real societal change gains momentum.  

In many ways, Gloria makes space for greatness assumed impossible. To her, PR means “People Rise” when handed a mic. If you’re a changemaking brand seeking reach, there are few fiercer advocates in your corner. 

Come 2024, winning attention spans will take more heart than ever. Put Gloria Chou high on your radar should you crave cutthroat publicity skills with a moral compass guiding every step. This underdog whisperer offers unmatched megaphones to deserving voices too long left unheard.

Jennifer Jaden, Gal Media Group 

Be on the look out for PR dynamo Jennifer Jaden in 2024, as her boundary-breaking agency Gal Media Group continues seizing worldwide attention for entrepreneurial brands on the move. As a visionary tapped into the zeitgeist, Jennifer has keen foresight for spotting growth frontiers primed to explode.

Her launch to industry prominence began with a pioneering spirit: recognizing women entrepreneurs as an under-connected niche, Jennifer founded an online community ballooning now over 100K members strong.

She continues channeling that uncanny human insight to lift emerging brands that speak to the future consumer. Already scoring major placements for clients like Thread Wallets and TrüFrü, Jennifer is leveraging her thought leadership across Forbes and Yahoo! to shift the PR model beyond outdated conventions.  

In 2024 and beyond, expect Jennifer doubling down on daring by diversifying her agency’s industry reach and leading the convergence of Web3 innovations with spend savvy campaigns. Thanks to her wealth of knowledge, she’ll continue educating clients on honing ultra-lucrative luxury and lifetsyle niches as well. 

Jennifer Jaden has not only redefined what’s possible in marketing but also laid the bricks others will follow. The visionary driving her agency’s ascent shows no signs of taking her foot off the gas with global domination locked in the crosshairs.

Any brand wise enough to join Jennifer’s winner’s circle will undoubtedly ignite their own trajectory in 2024. The time is now to let her fearless talents set your launch ablaze.

Gallant Dill, USA News 

Keep your eye on Gallant Dill in 2024 as this serial entrepreneur and visionary CEO continues redefining industries while growing his impressive portfolio of category-owning brands. 

Dill recently took the media realm by storm with his strategic acquisition of He plans to transform the platform into a refreshing digest of non-partisan news and joyful entertainment. This reflects Dill’s ongoing commitment to moving entire sectors forward through positive disruption. It also continues a long tradition of spotting white space opportunities primed to explode under his midas touch leadership. 

Having already trained over 7,000 entrepreneurs and led juggernaut Acquirely Holdings to new heights, Gallant Dill enters 2024 more than qualified to manifest his inspiring vision for USA News. He has a proven gift for architecting businesses that captivate consumers while unlocking profits.

So whether expanding his media empire or acquiring new niche properties across industries, expect Dill to continue redefining notions of what’s possible.  

The bottom line? Any space Gallant Dill touches will never be the same. His relentless innovation and empathy for understanding target audiences make him a transformative force for good.

There’s no limit to what he can accomplish in 2024 across media and business overall. The possibilities stretch as far as his imagination allows. Buckle up and watch the magic unfold.

Heather Besignano, ICON Public Relations 

With over a decade of award-winning publicity prowess under her belt, Heather Besignano enters 2024 stronger than ever to empower talent and elevate entertainment brands to new heights. As CEO of the renowned ICON PR agency, Heather brings an uncanny ability to reinvigorate reputations and unlock second-act success for cross-over creatives and legacy stars alike.  

Heather cut her teeth managing multi-platinum music artists before leading production on internationally acclaimed film and TV campaigns. Today, her magic touch also extends to landing best-selling authors atop the New York Times lists and podcasters into emerging media frontiers.

Through it all, Heather leverages Southern charm and fearless imagination to custom craft irresistible narratives that captivate target audiences. The proof lies in the glowing accolades lining her shelves, including Oscar, Emmy and Grammy Awards secured for client partners.   

2024 promises bolder moves as Heather evolves both services and skillsets to stay relentlessly relevant. Expect this visionary to double down on crisis management consulting as privacy erosion raises reputation risks industrywide. 

Heather Besignano has not only trailblazed publicity potential year after year but also laid the bricks for PR’s future. Anyone in music, movies or media would be wise to lock arms with this spotlight sorceress as she continues waving her influence wand even wider. The magic has only just begun.

Erika Tooker, PR & Video 

With over 25 years amplifying acclaimed artists across every musical sphere, indie PR virtuoso Erika Tooker enters 2024 at the top of her game. Expect this creative force to continue breaking boundaries while catapulting talented voices into the spotlight. 

Erika’s unparalleled career speaks for itself through campaigns immortalizing genres from pop to hip hop. Where others fumble, she intuits the precise strategy fitting rising stars and icons alike.

Her Midas touch even revived the legends of yesteryear like YES and Todd Rundgren by introducing retro hits to digital streaming fans. 

2024 spotlights Erika doubling down on her indie label specialization to uplift the underdogs of tomorrow. She will wave her PR magic wand to realize artistic visions that challenge pop convention. Expect bold collaborations too, as Erika partners across PR, management and distribution to provide 360-degree guidance.  

Of course, Web3 also captures her gaze as new frontiers like metaverse concerts and tokenized music ownership unfold. The ever-innovative Erika has her finger on the pulse of these emergent opportunities–with plans to help clients ride the hype first.  

Even after securing over 25 years of music publicity trophies, the ambitious Erika Tooker remains fixated on what’s next. Her undying commitment fans the flames fueling art’s potential. Any rising artist would be lucky to have this PR powerhouse impresario in their corner. The hits will follow.

What Next?

As I’m looking ahead to 2024, the truth is clear as day. Companies will be throwing serious budgets trying to grab fleeting consumer attention amid endless digital noise. But the brands actually connecting in meaningful ways next year are those investing more into authentic storytelling versus performance marketing. 

The PR experts here aren’t just predicting that shift – their talents and connections are locked and loaded to guide clients into this new era focused on earning media exposure rather than paying to interrupt feeds. 

Whether it’s parlaying grassroots pitches into viral wins like Gloria Chou or masterminding culture-moving moments like Heather Holmes, these pros know what captivates in 2024.

So my advice, from one marketer to another, is lock arms with these creative powerhouses before calendars fill up. Every brand wants an edge in audience mindshare next year. Why not get the inside track directly from these storytelling luminaries on how to package purpose into irresistible narratives? 

Let them blueprint a communications strategy for influence that outlives flash-in-the-pan fads.

The companies that will shine, recognize it’s less about disruptive marketing rather than crafting stories people actually want in their feed. 

Now is the prime opportunity to tap these particular PR veterans ready and eager to unlock your brand’s potential. Let them shape messages worth seeking rather than interrupting. The future of both PR and business hangs on those who earn attention and not demand it.

Rob Pene, the chief growth guy at Mission Driven Brand, LLC, left the polynesian islands to pursue his dream of higher education and entrepreneurship. He is a former professional baseball player, spent 6 years as a public school teacher, and has over 12 years of experience in sales and marketing. When Rob isn’t optimizing a website for conversions, he’s either hanging out with family, cooking & washing dishes, or on zoom teaching or coaching. Connect with Rob on his Insta

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