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Meet Alice Jamal: A Rising Star in the NYC Acting Scene




Alice Jamal

Alice Jamal is a multi-talented actress, born in the UK, with French-Middle Eastern roots, who is now making a name for herself in New York City.

In an exclusive interview, Alice reveals her passion for acting, her unique qualities that set her apart from others in the industry, and how she overcame some of her biggest challenges.

Alice Jamal

A Passion for Performing

Alice’s passion for performing started at a young age, as the youngest sibling in her family, vying for attention with one-woman shows and choral hymns. However, as she grew older and explored various types of theatre and film, she came to appreciate how art reflects life and the powerful impact that storytelling can have on the audience. Her aim as an artist is to showcase the connectivity and collectivity of human beings, and she does so with great poignancy and beauty.

Obsessed with Growth and Learning

Alice’s stand-out quality is her obsession with growth and learning. She is exceptionally organized, tracking her results, progress, and any trends in her work to continuously improve. This quality is rooted in her love of training and improving her craft, which she says is essential for maintaining stability, success, and enrichment in her career.

Finding Her Calling

At sixteen, Alice was not allowed to take Drama as one of her subjects in school due to a lack of interest from students and staff. This did not stop her from pursuing her passion, and with the help of a teacher in the drama department, she created two one-woman shows. These shows are her greatest achievements and what cemented her love for the art of drama, leading her to realize that acting was the only thing she could and would ever want to dedicate her life to.

Alice Jamal

Tackling the Beast

Alice’s biggest challenge in her career so far was tackling the beast of a character, Mel, from Hannah Benitez’s ‘Adaptive Radiation.’ As an animal, Mel required a lot of physicality that Alice struggled with. However, by going back to her notebooks from her first year of theatre training, she was able to focus on skills of fluidity and ease, which silenced the chatter in her brain and allowed her to embody her inner animal. This experience gave her the confidence to trust her natural physical instincts and fully surrender to the scene.

Alice Jamal is a rising star in the NYC acting scene, and with her passion for growth, learning, and storytelling, we are sure to see great things from her in the future.

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