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Luísa Galatti and It’s on the Box Collective: Empowering Women in the Performing Arts




Luísa Galatti, a Brazilian actor, producer, and director based in New York City, is making waves in the entertainment industry with her fresh and unique perspective on theater and filmmaking.

As the Director of Creative Development and Co-Marketing Director of Et Alia Theater and a co-founder of It’s on the Box Collective, Galatti wears many hats, always seeking extraordinary stories and innovative ways to explore the performing arts.

Breaking Barriers and Taking Risks

Galatti’s projects bring a fresh but never-light perspective, always seeking to break barriers and take risks.

One of her latest works, the short film Fog Around August by Ryan Cairns, is a one-take film shot with a 16mm camera that feels like you’re hiding in the living room peeking at the characters’ conversation.

Another recent project, Stella, Come Home, explores the story of A Streetcar Named Desire through dance movement, using music and culture from the performers’ home countries to tell an American classic.

A Moment of Impact

Galatti’s dedication to her craft has not gone unnoticed. When her short film ‘Til Morning was selected to screen at a film festival in Austin, an audience member approached her with rage, expressing how the story impacted her and left her wanting more.

For Galatti, this was a small moment where she felt good about her art, knowing that she made someone feel impacted by a story they’d never seen before.

The Challenges of Leadership

As Galatti’s career continues to flourish, she faces the challenge of leadership, which she wasn’t seeking. However, her energy and effort to make things happen have naturally put her in that position.

Galatti’s main strategy is to open a clear communication channel with her collaborators, seeking solutions when frustrations arise and collectively coming up with ideas on how to avoid mistakes in future projects.

Elevating Her Career

Galatti’s inspiration comes from women in the industry who have made a significant impact on her career.

The top three people she’d like to meet are Nadine Labaki, the Lebanese actor, and filmmaker, Florence Pugh, the English actor, and Chloe Zhao, the Chinese filmmaker.

Galatti admires Labaki’s delicate and beautiful work, Pugh’s unique acting career, and Zhao’s success as an international artist in Hollywood.

Luísa Galatti’s passion for the performing arts and her dedication to breaking barriers and taking risks is shaping the future of theater and filmmaking.

As a multi-talented scene artist, Galatti is making waves in the industry and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

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