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The Most Significant Decision You Can Make As An Art Student

Stacey E. Haught



Student of art-school

91% of Americans believe that the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education. 

It might surprise you that just the decision alone to become an Art Student is the most significant decision you’ll ever make. But with the world around you telling you that you have to do something with the degree you’re earning, it can make you feel pressured to do something more significant.

Not just simply be significant in yourself. So I’m going to remind you in three simple affirmations the importance of pursuing an Arts Degree or continuing your journey through being an artist. 

Because the first and arguably most important thing that an Art Student can do that never changes whether inside the classroom or outside curating an exhibit is to: Affect the way someone thinks. 

By bringing a deeper aspect of the world to everyone who sees your work, whether it’s in progress or completing your literal job and mission as an art student or artist is to stimulate your audience, your viewer to see the world for just a moment in a way completely different than how they’ve seen it before, and perhaps walk away better than they walked in. 

There are 2 million Arts Graduates with bachelor’s degrees. 

The second most significant thing as an Art Student or Artist that you can do: Is never be above learning. The learning process is continuous always enriching the experiences of not only the artist themselves but the viewer.

Learning helps prepare us inside the classroom, so we can also believe that learning outside the classroom helps prepare us for the lessons of life. Being open to learning will also help us be open to the changes in our world, both positive and negative. 

With the constant shifting of the colors around us being open to the ever-evolving world will only help us become better artists. 

Every painting, every frame of the film, every pixel of the picture all become more vibrant and meaningful as we grow more and more present to the lessons around us, wanting to be as open to this every learning curve of life. 

1.4 Americans are Artists. 

The Third most Significant thing that Art Students can do is: Embrace the idea that arts just isn’t reserved for the classroom, the studio, or the art exhibits. Art can and does affect us in every space and faculty of our lives. Art affects our every fiber of existence.

Art affects our Mood. Art makes us feel calmer, happier, and not only inspires us but others. Causing a ripple effect of those around us to be motivated to do something, anything and everything. 

Creativity is promoted through Art. 

Literally, everywhere you go you can find art, whether it be an installation in the park or graffiti on the side of the interstate, art is everywhere.

This reminds us that art is evident, important, and valuable in sustaining the concept even more than becoming an Art Student.

Therefore an Artist is the most significant decision you will ever make. This will allow you to keep the tradition alive to inspire future generations like those who’ve come before you.

They continue to remind us to take time to stop and appreciate the beauty of impression, of realism, of abstract. To appreciate the beauty of photography, of film, and of dance, of music, or of performance. 

There is so much importance in Art. 

Stacey E. Haught is an experienced acting coach spending over a decade molding young minds and future stars. She's an accomplished author, mentor, and novelist with a knack for crafting compelling stories. Stacey has been a pivotal component of developing and launching an independent digital magazine, networking, and interviewing key members of the local community. Stacey is a family woman and finds time to balance her home life and her writing career. In her free time, Stacey is an avid reader! Ping her on Instagram and see what’s she’s currently reading!

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