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Marketing Hook Examples To Get Attention And Boost Sales




marketing hook examples

Marketers, listen up! If you’re looking for ways to boost sales and get attention, you need to learn how to create a strong and gripping hook. 

It’s hard to come up with something that engages readers and encourages them to stick around. 

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this post, I’ll share some marketing hook examples you can use to boost sales and get the crazy attention you’re craving for. 

What is a Marketing Hook?

So, what is a marketing hook? In short, it’s something that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to learn more. 

It can be a catchy headline, an interesting statistic, or even a provocative statement.

Whatever you choose, make sure it applies to your product or service. And make sure it’s honest. Readers will see right through you if you try to trick them into reading your content.

Marketing Hook Examples

Now that we know what a marketing hook is, let’s look at some examples.

  1. The teaser hook: This works best with print or online ads. You say something that gets people curious enough to read on (or click). 

An example would be “Have a Great New Year for Less Than $1!” People will want to know what you mean by less than $1 and how they can make this happen.

  1. The shocker hook: This shocks people into paying attention. An example would be if your ad said, “What if I told you I could double your money?” 

People might not want to hear anything else from you until they know how this is possible.

  1. The benefit-driven hook: This type of hook focuses on what your product or service can do for your customer. It’s important to remember that while you want to focus on the benefits of your product or service, it should still be clear that whatever it is you are offering is going to solve a problem for them. 

If you were selling a back support belt, then your ad copy might say something like “Stop the back pain before it starts with this support belt from XYZ Company.”

Marketing Hooks Are Everywhere And They Frequently Go Viral.

You can either brainstorm ideas or use existing famous marketing hooks as inspiration for your own product or service launch. 

Knowing how to use the right hooks will make a tremendous impact to your content, so make sure you spend the necessary amount of time strategically planning this.

There are many amazing examples of marketing hooks you can use to create a powerful first impression with potential customers. 

As I was browsing TikTok, Sasha the Biz Coach content (bizcoachsasha) TOTALLY hooked me in and I was blown away.

So much so, that I took notes and compiled them into a cool pdf for you to download and use 🙂 

Here’s the TikTok video I watched: (WARNING…explicit language in the music)

marketing hook examples

There are a bunch of influencers that show the different niches they focus on. 

There’s a lot to be gleaned from what they do, but just remember, when you go to recreate it, use your own style and put your unique spin on it.

Questions To Consider

There are questions you need to ask yourself before deciding if a marketing hook is right for what you want to do.

  • Does the hook fit?
  • Is it appealing to the target audience?
  • How do you implement the hook? In other words, how will you use it in the content you’re creating.
  • How will you measure success?

In order to answer these questions effectively, think about what makes your business unique. 

  • What makes your product or service stand out from all of the competition out there? 
  • What makes you the best choice for the customer?

Once you’ve identified those qualities, develop a marketing message that communicates them directly and clearly. 

Use this message to create a marketing plan with goals and concrete steps that will help your business reach its target audience.


Use the marketing hooks we’ve discussed to help you boost sales and get more attention. Remember that your customers are looking for a reason to buy from you, not just any company.

Give them what they want by using these strategies and putting your cool angle to it.

If you need help with creating catchy hooks for your content, 

Reach out to me on my Instagram:


Rob Pene, the chief growth guy at Mission Driven Brand, LLC, left the polynesian islands to pursue his dream of higher education and entrepreneurship. He is a former professional baseball player, spent 6 years as a public school teacher, and has over 12 years of experience in sales and marketing. When Rob isn’t optimizing a website for conversions, he’s either hanging out with family, cooking & washing dishes, or on zoom teaching or coaching. Connect with Rob on his Insta

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