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How Generates Millions Through Their Newsletter

Learn the secrets behind’s newsletter, which generates millions in revenue. Discover strategies from successful businesses and tips for growing your subscriber base.

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In the article titled “How Generates Millions Through Their Newsletter,” you will discover the secrets behind the success of’s newsletter, which generates over $15 million a year. The article outlines four different types of businesses that have achieved tremendous success through email newsletters and provides valuable insights on how to replicate their strategies. The first business discussed is, a daily business newsletter that grew their email list through offline events, an ambassador program, and Facebook ads. The second business is MisterSpoils, a curation newsletter that focuses on interesting articles, images, and music., a deals newsletter, and, a freemium newsletter, are also examined. The article concludes by outlining the process of starting a profitable newsletter and offers tips on growing subscribers through social media, email signatures, and more. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in leveraging the power of newsletters to generate revenue.

How Generates Millions Through Their Newsletter

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The Importance of Newsletters in Generating Revenue

Newsletters have become an essential tool for businesses looking to generate revenue and build a loyal customer base. With email marketing experiencing a resurgence in recent years, newsletters have proven to be highly effective in reaching and engaging with audiences. In this article, we will explore the importance of newsletters in generating revenue and examine some successful examples of businesses that have built profitable ventures based on their newsletters.

Introduction to is a prime example of a business that has leveraged the power of newsletters to generate substantial revenue. With over $15 million in annual revenue attributed to their newsletter, has established itself as a leader in the industry. Noah Kagan, the founder of, has identified four different types of businesses based on email newsletters that can be replicated. These businesses serve as inspiration for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the potential of newsletters.

The lucrative business model of newsletters

Starting a newsletter can be a highly lucrative business model. As the examples we will explore in this article demonstrate, newsletters have the potential to generate significant revenue when executed effectively. From sponsorships and affiliate programs to exclusive deals and premium products, newsletters offer a wide range of monetization opportunities. By building a large and engaged subscriber base, businesses can establish themselves as influential voices in their respective industries and attract partnerships and collaborations.

Noah Kagan’s demonstration of replicable newsletter-based businesses

Noah Kagan, the founder of, has provided valuable insights into the replication of successful newsletter-based businesses. Through his video and examples, he highlights the potential for entrepreneurs to build profitable ventures by following specific strategies and techniques. By studying and implementing the approaches of established businesses, aspiring newsletter creators can increase their chances of success and revenue generation. A Successful Business Newsletter is a daily business newsletter that targets startups, founders, and entrepreneurs. With an email list of over one million subscribers, The Hustle has built a reputation for delivering high-quality and engaging content. The success of can be attributed to several key strategies that they have implemented to grow their email list and generate revenue.

Growing the email list through offline events

One of the primary methods employed by to grow their email list is organizing offline events. By hosting events specifically targeting their target audience of entrepreneurs and startup founders, The Hustle was able to attract a large number of sign-ups for their newsletter. Events like Hustle Con provided a platform for networking and knowledge sharing, which ultimately led to increased newsletter subscriptions.

Utilizing an ambassador program

In addition to offline events, also implemented an ambassador program to encourage their existing subscribers to refer new members. By offering incentives such as stickers, hats, and even free access to upcoming events, The Hustle encouraged their audience to spread the word about their newsletter. The ambassador program proved to be a successful method of growing their email list through word-of-mouth referrals.

Utilizing Facebook ads for list growth

To further expand their reach and grow their email list, utilized Facebook ads effectively. By carefully targeting their ads towards their target audience of entrepreneurs and startup founders, The Hustle was able to attract relevant subscribers. The use of Facebook ads enabled The Hustle to scale their list growth efforts and reach a wider audience.

Revenue generation through sponsorships generates revenue through sponsorships, partnering with companies to promote their products or services to their large subscriber base. By including sponsored content within their newsletters, The Hustle monetizes their audience while maintaining the trust and engagement of their subscribers. Sponsorships provide an additional revenue stream and contribute to the overall success of as a profitable newsletter business.

Premium products and private community

In addition to sponsorships, generates revenue through the creation of premium products and a private community. By offering exclusive products and access to a community of like-minded individuals, The Hustle provides additional value to their subscribers. These premium offerings generate revenue while also fostering a sense of belonging and exclusivity among their audience.

MisterSpoils: Curating Interesting Content

MisterSpoils is a curation newsletter that curates interesting articles, images, and music for its subscribers. With a subscriber base of over 500,000 people, MisterSpoils has found success by delivering highly curated content to their audience. The strategies employed by MisterSpoils to grow their email list and generate revenue serve as valuable insights for upcoming newsletter creators.

Strategies for growing the email list

Cross-promotions and collaborations have been key strategies employed by MisterSpoils to grow their email list. By partnering with other individuals or businesses in complementary industries, MisterSpoils was able to tap into existing audiences and attract new subscribers. Cross-promotions and collaborations enhance the reach and exposure of a newsletter, leading to increased sign-ups.

Referral programs

Similar to, MisterSpoils implemented a referral program to incentivize their existing subscribers to refer new members. By offering stickers, hats, and other merchandise as rewards for successful referrals, MisterSpoils encouraged their audience to actively promote their newsletter. The referral program not only contributes to list growth but also fosters a sense of community and engagement among subscribers.

Revenue generation through sponsorships

MisterSpoils generates revenue through sponsorships, partnering with companies to feature their products or services in their newsletters. By including sponsored content that aligns with their audience’s interests and preferences, MisterSpoils monetizes their subscriber base while delivering valuable content. Sponsorships provide a mutually beneficial arrangement, where businesses gain exposure and MisterSpoils generates revenue.

Affiliate programs

In addition to sponsorships, MisterSpoils utilizes affiliate programs to generate revenue. By promoting products or services and earning a commission for successful referrals or sales, MisterSpoils expands their revenue streams. Affiliate programs provide a way to monetize a newsletter without directly partnering with companies, offering flexibility and additional income opportunities. Exclusive Deals for Entrepreneurs, a deals newsletter that offers exclusive deals for entrepreneurs and startups, serves as a prime example of a successful newsletter-driven business. By providing its subscribers with access to highly discounted products and services, has built a loyal and engaged community. The strategies employed by to grow their newsletter and generate revenue offer valuable lessons for aspiring newsletter creators.

Techniques for growing the newsletter primarily grows its newsletter through the offering of the best deals possible. By negotiating exclusive deals and discounts, attracts entrepreneurs and startup founders who are actively seeking cost-effective solutions for their businesses. The focus on delivering unparalleled value through the deals themselves serves as a powerful incentive for individuals to subscribe to the newsletter.

Offering the best deals possible continuously seeks out and curates the best deals for their audience. By maintaining a high standard of quality and selecting products and services that align with their subscribers’ needs, ensures that their audience receives exceptional value. The focus on offering the best deals possible results in increased subscription rates and a loyal customer base.

Conducting giveaways

In addition to offering exclusive deals, conducts giveaways to engage and attract new subscribers. By running contests or promotions that offer desirable prizes, encourages individuals to sign up for their newsletter. Giveaways generate excitement and create a sense of urgency, leading to increased engagement and list growth.

Utilizing Facebook ads

Similar to the strategies employed by and MisterSpoils, utilizes Facebook ads to further expand its reach and attract new subscribers. By leveraging the targeting capabilities of Facebook ads, is able to reach individuals who are likely to be interested in their exclusive deals for entrepreneurs and startups. Facebook ads serve as a scalable and effective method for newsletter growth.

Revenue generation through negotiated exclusive deals generates revenue through the negotiated exclusive deals it offers to subscribers. By partnering with companies and securing discounted rates or unique offerings, can monetize its subscriber base. The revenue generated through these exclusive deals enables to continue providing valuable content and deals to its audience.

Revenue sharing model

In addition to exclusive deals, employs a revenue sharing model with the companies it partners with. By splitting the revenue generated from the deals, creates a mutually beneficial arrangement. This revenue sharing model enables to establish partnerships and incentivize companies to offer exclusive deals and discounts to their audience.

How Generates Millions Through Their Newsletter

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Freemium Newsletters: as an Example serves as an example of a freemium newsletter, where a subscription model is used to generate revenue. Lenny Rachitsky, through his newsletter, has built a successful business by offering valuable insights and analysis to his subscribers. The strategies employed by to grow his newsletter and monetize his content provide actionable lessons for newsletter creators.

Methods for growing the newsletter has employed various strategies to grow his newsletter, including creating viral blog posts, guest posting on relevant platforms, and promoting his content on social media. By creating compelling and shareable content, Lenny was able to attract new subscribers and increase awareness of his newsletter. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Lenny expanded his reach and tapped into existing audiences interested in his niche.

Creating viral blog posts

One of the primary methods employed by to grow his newsletter is creating viral blog posts. By crafting content that resonates with his target audience and has the potential to go viral, Lenny attracts new readers who are likely to subscribe to his newsletter. Viral blog posts generate organic traffic and serve as a powerful marketing tool for newsletters.

Guest posting utilized guest posting as a strategy to reach new audiences and attract subscribers. By writing guest posts on platforms with a relevant target audience, Lenny was able to leverage the existing readership of other blogs to promote his newsletter. Guest posting expands the reach of a newsletter and establishes the writer as an authority in their field.

Promotion on social media

Promoting content on social media, particularly platforms where the target audience is active, is a key strategy employed by By sharing valuable insights and snippets of his newsletter on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, Lenny attracts individuals who are interested in his niche and encourages them to sign up for his newsletter. Social media promotion enhances visibility and drives traffic to a newsletter.

Revenue generation through subscription model generates revenue through a subscription model, where a portion of his content is made available exclusively to paying subscribers. By offering additional value and exclusive insights to subscribers, Lenny creates a revenue stream from his newsletter. The subscription model enables Lenny to monetize his expertise and attract dedicated readers who are willing to pay for premium content.

Starting Your Own Profitable Newsletter

Starting your own profitable newsletter can be an exciting and rewarding venture. By following examples from successful newsletters, such as,, MisterSpoils, and, aspiring newsletter creators can learn valuable strategies for growth and revenue generation. In this section, we will explore the process of starting a profitable newsletter and offer insights into efficient newsletter management.

Using as an example serves as an example for newsletter creators looking to efficiently manage their newsletters. offers automation tools that simplify the process of sending newsletters, managing subscribers, and tracking performance. By utilizing automation features, newsletter creators can save time and streamline their operations.

Creating automations for efficient newsletter management

Automation is a key aspect of efficient newsletter management. By leveraging automation tools, such as those provided by, newsletter creators can automate tasks such as sending welcome emails, featuring recent articles, and recommending social media follows. Automations enable newsletter creators to stay organized, maintain consistent communication with subscribers, and focus on creating valuable content.

How Generates Millions Through Their Newsletter

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Building Relationships with Subscribers

Building relationships with subscribers is crucial for the success and longevity of a newsletter. By fostering a personal connection with subscribers, newsletter creators can increase engagement, loyalty, and revenue generation. In this section, we will explore the importance of personal email outreach and strategies for building relationships with subscribers.

The importance of personal email outreach

Personal email outreach is a powerful tool for building relationships with subscribers. By reaching out to new subscribers individually and expressing gratitude for their support, newsletter creators can create a positive impression and set the foundation for a relationship. Personal email outreach enables newsletter creators to establish a connection with their audience and demonstrate their commitment to providing value.

Building a relationship with the first 100 subscribers

The first 100 subscribers are crucial for the growth and success of a newsletter. By prioritizing personalized communication and going above and beyond to deliver value, newsletter creators can build a strong foundation with their initial subscribers. Building a relationship with the first 100 subscribers entails offering exclusive content, seeking feedback, and actively engaging with the audience.

Sending a welcome email

Sending a welcome email is an effective way to introduce new subscribers to a newsletter and express appreciation for their support. Welcome emails set the tone for the relationship and provide an opportunity to communicate the value proposition of the newsletter. By crafting a warm and engaging welcome email, newsletter creators can make a positive first impression and encourage further engagement.

Featuring recent articles and social media follow recommendations

Including recent articles and social media follow recommendations in newsletters is a strategy that helps build engagement and deepen the relationship with subscribers. By showcasing the most recent content and providing recommendations for further engagement, newsletter creators encourage subscribers to stay connected and explore additional resources. Featuring recent articles and social media follow recommendations demonstrate an ongoing commitment to delivering value.

The Law of 100 and Subscriber Growth Techniques

The “law of 100” is a concept that can guide newsletter creators in making informed decisions about the viability and potential growth of their newsletter. Understanding when to continue or stop a newsletter is crucial for long-term success. In this section, we will explore the “law of 100” and various techniques for growing subscribers.

Implementing the ‘law of 100’

The “law of 100” suggests that newsletter creators should send 100 emails and evaluate the response before making a decision to continue or stop. By reaching a significant number of subscribers and assessing their engagement and feedback, newsletter creators can gauge the viability and potential of their newsletter. Implementing the “law of 100” allows for informed decision-making and course correction if necessary.

Determining whether to continue or stop

Based on the response from the first 100 subscribers, newsletter creators can determine whether to continue or stop their newsletter. By analyzing engagement metrics, feedback, and revenue generation, newsletter creators can assess the potential for growth and success. Determining whether to continue or stop is an important step in optimizing resources and maximizing the potential of a newsletter.

Growing subscribers through social media bios

One technique for growing newsletter subscribers is updating social media bios to include a call-to-action encouraging individuals to subscribe. By leveraging existing social media presence and directing followers to the newsletter, newsletter creators can attract new subscribers who are already interested in their niche. Optimizing social media bios is a low-effort strategy that has the potential for significant results.

Promoting the newsletter on social media

Actively promoting the newsletter on social media is another effective strategy for growing subscribers. By consistently sharing valuable insights, snippets, and updates on social media platforms, newsletter creators can attract new subscribers who are interested in their content. Social media promotion enhances visibility and reach, facilitating newsletter growth.

Including the newsletter in email signatures

Including a link to the newsletter in email signatures is a simple yet effective technique for growing subscribers. By utilizing every email sent as an opportunity to promote the newsletter, newsletter creators can capture the interest of individuals who are already engaged in email conversations. Email signatures provide a passive and ongoing promotion channel for the newsletter.

How Generates Millions Through Their Newsletter

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Additional Resources for Starting a Newsletter

For those looking to start a newsletter, there are various resources available that provide valuable insights and tips. In this section, we will highlight recommended videos for newsletter creation and offer tips for getting more subscribers.

Recommended videos for newsletter creation

Videos by Noah Kagan, such as the one mentioned in the context, offer valuable insights into the creation and success of newsletters. Noah Kagan shares his experiences and strategies for building profitable ventures based on newsletters. By studying these videos, aspiring newsletter creators can gain valuable knowledge and inspiration.

Tips for getting more subscribers

To get more subscribers, newsletter creators can employ various techniques and strategies. Some tips include creating compelling and valuable content, optimizing website or landing page for email sign-ups, implementing lead magnets or freebies to incentivize subscriptions, and leveraging existing networks and connections for promotion. By consistently delivering value and implementing effective promotion strategies, newsletter creators can attract and retain a loyal subscriber base.


Newsletters have become a powerful tool for generating revenue and building profitable businesses. By studying successful examples such as, MisterSpoils,, and, aspiring newsletter creators can gain valuable insights and strategies for growth. Building relationships with subscribers, implementing efficient newsletter management practices, and employing techniques for subscriber growth are key components of a successful newsletter. With the right strategies and dedication, starting a profitable newsletter can be a rewarding endeavor for entrepreneurs.

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