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Talent is Overrated, Hard Work Will Dictate Your Success



Talent is largely overrated in the world of success. We often hear about how talentless people have succeeded with hard work, and it’s because they take action. Massive action. Not everyone has talent, and in that case, it’s important to be diligent when putting in the necessary effort to become as successful as possible.

This is not a knock against talented individuals, but merely the acknowledgement that talent is largely overrated in terms of a person’s overall achievements.

Many successful professionals were not mind blowing talents in any sense of the word. They had grit and determination to work beyond their limitations, and their successes were a direct result of the effort they put in to get what they wanted.

Hard Work Is The Key To Success

When you put in hard work, you are able to get the most out of your talent. When we hear about people succeeding with less than average abilities, it’s because they have been more diligent in their work and willing to put in extra hours trying to achieve their desired success.

When we look at high achieving individuals like Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates, we see that it’s possible to succeed without a degree or an extraordinary talent. In fact, many of the world’s most successful people are college dropouts and have achieved success with hard work alone.

When you are able to take the time and be diligent in your efforts, it creates an opportunity for success. A lot of people give up on their goals because they lack the motivation to continue putting in the extra hours or don’t think it is worth the effort. As long as you have the drive to take massive action, you will succeed.

There Is No Substitute For Hard Work

Despite the claims of fame and tempting social media posts,  there is no substitute for hard work. Some people think they can become successful by luck, but what they don’t see are the hours of blood and sweat that go into success.

You have to be willing to put in effort if you want your dreams to come true. No matter how you look at it, success requires constant activity. A lot of what is needed to succeed is the motivation and drive to keep taking action even when you don’t feel like it. Stay on track and stop looking for a shortcut because there isn’t one.

Hard Work And Perseverance

When the going gets tough, you’ll need to persevere. That means overcoming your own limiting beliefs. You can’t let anything get in your way. Easier said than done but it’s the truth. Adopt a spirit of resilience. Lean into the power of not giving up.

Pursuing your goals takes time but is worth it. When you are driven by passion, you will not give up. There is no such thing as bad luck when we have the ability to turn our lives around with the things we have control over.

It’s easy to be discouraged but don’t let it keep you from your goals! Keep on pursuing them and take some time for yourself to reflect, appreciate, and forge forward.

Talent With Hard Work Is High Performance

When you combine talent and the drive of an unrelenting go getter, you get an extremely high performing individual. This type of leader isn’t born, they are built. The beauty in this perspective is the reality that anyone can be fashioned into an effective leader. As long as they have the drive to keep going regardless of the obstacles. Then add in talent to that equation, the rest is history.

High performing individuals have a strong desire to be successful. They know it takes hard work and talent but they are willing to put in the time and effort into making their dreams become reality. They are immune to the “I can’t do this” syndrome or the  “I will try my best” type of attitude. They don’t make excuses and take criticism for what it is.

You Have The Power To Choose

Everything you need to succeed is within your reach. You have the power to choose your attitude and what you’ll do with the time you have. You can take action, work hard, keep going despite the obstacles in life.

The choice is yours but make sure it’s an informed one because all of this will affect how successful you become in both the personal and professional aspects of your life. This is why it’s important to take time and reflect on things, what you want for yourself, where your values lie, who your friends are, etc. The stronger  your conviction, the more confident you will be in your choices.

It doesn’t matter what your talent is or how talented other people are because we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. What matters most is that you take action by doing something everyday to reach those goals, which involve taking risks and being uncomfortable. But you’ve got this!

What Road Do You Want To Travel?

Are you the type to take the bull by its horns and control the situation you’re in? Or are you the type of flow with what’s in front of you and take it as it comes? Either option is ok, but one is more risky than the other.

It’s important to establish your decision making process about who you are and what your priorities are in life, so that you’re able to confidently move into the next phase of life ready to take on the world. It’s all about the journey, and what road you choose to travel.

Heed the warnings of those who have traveled that road before you, but don’t let them persuade or dictate your decisions. You’re a unique and special person with your own set of experiences that make you amazing in every way. Work hard and rely on your talent as needed but let your ability to choose dictate the path you take. Give yourself the best chance at winning by choice, not by default.

Rob Pene, the chief growth guy at Mission Driven Brand, LLC, left the polynesian islands to pursue his dream of higher education and entrepreneurship. He is a former professional baseball player, spent 6 years as a public school teacher, and has over 12 years of experience in sales and marketing. When Rob isn’t optimizing a website for conversions, he’s either hanging out with family, cooking & washing dishes, or on zoom teaching or coaching. Connect with Rob on his Insta

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