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Hey! Young Writer

What is your area of expertise, who do you serve, and how do you serve them? 

“Hey! Young Writer” is a platform dedicated to supporting aspiring writers and giving your work the exposure it deserves.

We give you the opportunity to build your portfolio, get free mentorship from one of our sixteen genre specialists and show off with ‘published’, ‘writer’ and ‘editor’ merch! We help new writers, aspiring writers and green writers. If you’re looking to kickstart your writing journey, we’re here for you!

Why would someone choose you over a competitor?

We aim to complement other submission websites and work in collaboration with a range of experts to give young writers as much exposure and experience as possible!

Share a specific time you encountered an obstacle and describe how you overcame it.

We know what it’s like to submit writing to hundreds of websites and competitions and get email rejections or no response at all.

Our team overcame this by creating a website that publishes any piece of writing that conforms to our guidelines!

Share a short story about your best (or favorite) case study. 

We have had young people build their portfolios with us and gain advice from one of our mentors to help publish their debut novels. We offer small compensation for every piece of work. If our website makes a writer feel valued, we consider it a success!

What advice would you give the “20-Year-Old-You” who’s eager to start in life?

Seize every opportunity you are given! Take every chance for exposure, attend every occasion that will help you make new connections and absorb as much learning material as possible. We’ve made it free and available. Start now!

Please describe a monumental time in your life that you’ll never forget.

When we first opened our submissions we received a stream of emails from eager writers thanking us for the opportunity and excited to see their work on our page.

We are equally grateful to every one of them for their support in joining this community and making it so amazing.

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