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How 19 Year Old Entrepreneur, Timothy Morris, Started An E-commerce Company During The Pandemic



Who do you serve and how do you serve them?

Our target audience is heavy in the Gen-Z and millennial age group. We attract a heavy amount of athletes and “pretty boy” type of customers. We also see a large amount on the feminine side. We try to understand our customer as much as we can, we can do this by having short surveys after a purchase and reaching out to all of our customers.

Why would someone pick you over a competitor?

Our company focuses on many key things. Our product color (bright baby blue), our modern design, our one of a kind amazing cologne scented products and INNOVATION! Spray clay by vibe is one of the most unique and innovative hair care products on the market today. We also recently brought in a non profit organization to give 1% of our sales to.

Share your biggest obstacle and how you overcame it

My biggest obstacle as a founder is in the beginning of the company’s history, I was a 19 year old entrepreneur learning day to day (this was about 8 months ago) and our company had zero working capital. I had to do something to make money because there was no venture firm or bank looking at a 19 year old kid with no money and a small business.

Because it was the heart of COVID, I made hand sanitizer as my next product and sold door to door to businesses all over. I was able to make enough capital doing this to start formulations for the next 2 products, spray clay and shampoo which are our top products today.

Where do you see your business a year from now? 3 years from now?

In a year from now, I see vibe body care having about 7-10 products in stock with about 50% of them being products new and barely introduced to the market (aka innovative) and selling in Target.

In 3 years from now, I see vibe body care having about 25 different products in stock, selling hair body and face products for men! Vibe will be in retailers like Nordstrom, Target and more with an extremely large website base for DTC sales and possibly expanding into the woman’s industry.

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