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Fashion Expert, Charleszetta Baldwin, Is On A Personal Mission To Help All Women

Paige Galdieri



What is your area of expertise, who do you serve, and how do you serve them?

I am Charlie from Charlie On The Spot, I’ve made it part of my personal life mission to lead by example and uplift and inspire others, particularly women and girls around the world, to overcome all challenges in order to live a life intentionally designed around their heart’s true desires.

The content I share on this blog and social media platforms is curated with that larger purpose in mind. I am a Digital Content Creator in the Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty & Women Empowerment industry. I provide services that empower companies of all sizes to help take their brands awareness to the next level.

As a Brand Strategist and Creative Director, my expertise in the fashion and beauty industry entails over 10 years of collaborating with house hold brands and independent brands around the Bay Area and United States of America.

Why would someone choose you over a competitor?

I have built my reputation on providing excellence customer service, authentic content and truly understand my client’s vision to those who are looking for brand awareness.

Share a specific time you encountered an obstacle and describe how you overcame it.

The more I discovered my potential, the more eager I was to share it with the world. I always had a love for fashion and modeling, but it seemed that opportunities were far beyond my reach, literally. I was constantly told that I was too short or that I didn’t have the right look, which always led to disappointment and a reevaluation of who I was.

For a moment, I accepted it as my fate, allowing the naysayers to dictate which opportunities I chose to pursue. Then I remembered how I overcame the abuse of my childhood. I remembered how I was able to earn my fashion certificate, associate degree and bachelor’s degree—all while having a learning disability. The only thing standing in my way was me! I was my biggest obstacle. I learned that I am the only one who can limit my abilities.

I decided to pursue modeling on my own. I learned poses, photography angles and fashionable looks. I created my own platform in order to pursue my passion. It was because I invested in myself that I have had the opportunity to model for numerous businesses as well as have my photos displayed on a national level.

My modeling opened even more doors for me. I began to network with people who accepted me for who I was. Thanks to those who saw the potential in me, I was able to grow as a woman, model and entrepreneur. As I matured, I wanted to share a similar network of opportunities with others. I saw myself nurturing other women’s talents so that they too could realize their full potential. I wanted to be more than an icon; I wanted to be an inspiration.

Share a short story about your best (or favorite) case study.

“You’re Stupid! You’re Stupid”!
– My mother

The hurtful words still stain my memories. She nearly killed my confidence. There was a time when I really did believe I was stupid. I really did believe she was right about me. Abuse isn’t something that’s painted over someone’s skin for all to see. You can’t see it just by looking through my Instagram or modeling photos.

You won’t be able to see it when I smile or tell you about my day. But when I was a kid, abuse played a bigger role than hopscotch and Jolly Ranchers. My mom abused me. There was the physical abuse—she’d pull and slang me around on the kitchen floor. I’ll never forget the time she hit me in the head with a payphone at a telephone booth. But more than that, she emotionally abused me, like when she made me sit outside in the dark backyard. According to a 1997 study conducted by Australian Institute of Family Studies, emotional abuse can be more negatively impactful than physical abuse.

What advice would you give the “20-Year-Old-You” who’s eager to start in life?

Learn how to cope with the challenges and struggles of life. Please don’t stress often it is not good for your health. Stop analyzing every situation. Fulfill your dreams regarding if you’re terrified. Always have a growth mindset. Speak with a Therapist. Learn to invests in assets not labilities. Eat more vegetables, fruit and drink more water. Have Mentors who are successful in the industry you want to excel in. Give back others. Don’t be a naive person. Love love more.

Please describe a monumental time in your life that you’ll never forget.

Since deciding to take a leap of faith and build her own brand 2014, the model, host, and fashion blogger influencer has been strutting down her own runway of success. Charlie’s natural ability to connect with the camera, as well as with key target audiences has landed her numerous gigs with major national and local brands and influencers like Claire Sulmers, Angel Brinks, Diishan Imira “The Black Hair King of Silicon Valley for Mayvenn Hair”, pro football player, BeastMode Founder Marshawn Lynch, and Mika McCant, Owner of Spoiled Boutique to name a few.

“Down-to-earth” and “all about her business”, Charlie serves more than just “face.” With a background in fashion design and merchandising, as well as a Bachelor’s degree from California State University East Bay, she also utilizes her talents behind the scenes as a Creative Director who styled dozens of photoshoots and cast music videos for major recording artists including Dice Soho’s “SSP” featuring Ty Dolla Sign & Desiigner.

Fashionable and free-spirited, Charlie has a natural ability to uplift and inspire everyone she comes into contact with. She uses her growing social media platform to empower and inspire women from all walks of life to embrace their own unique brand of beauty.

In addition to her fashion blog and social media tribe, Charlie, a Bay Area native, mentoring young girls, who like her, have struggled with overcoming learning disabilities and self-worth issues to continue beating the odds.

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  • Paige Galdieri

    Actor, Singer, Comedian, and TikTok influencer with a knack for eye-catching and creative trends. Paige is a talented writer and networking efficianado.

Actor, Singer, Comedian, and TikTok influencer with a knack for eye-catching and creative trends. Paige is a talented writer and networking efficianado.

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