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Creating Spaciousness, Savoring The Emptiness And Being In Stillness (As High-achieving Leaders Always On The Go)




Today, I would like to offer you some potentially life-changing questions to contemplate to help you increase physical and mental capacities, get ready for the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for, and to call in inner peace and clarity for yourself, your family, your enterprise.

“The older I get, the more narrow-minded I am about what I am being open-minded about,” to said my Elite Mystique Agency partner Dianne Sykes shared in our recent conversation. And I couldn’t agree more!

  • I believe in hard work.
  • I believe in commitment.
  • I believe in magic.

I also believe that what “hard work” even is can mean ten different things to ten different people.

And, I also know that at any given moment, we get to re-evaluate our commitments, to release whichever ones are draining us on the soul’s level.

Five Simple Questions To Ask Yourself

In fact, those are the questions I received while sitting under birch trees, just steps away from a winding river somewhere in the Massachusetts backcountry during the recent family vacation! (More on that in just a little bit.)

  • It all starts with two simple questions: what do you want and why do you want it?

Here, I invite you to be discerning, sophisticated, sensitive and intelligent! Simply be aware of all that is coming up, and all the stories and beliefs that you might have been indoctrinated into.

  • How can you heighten your awareness and perhaps sharpen your intention? 

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” by French philosopher Henri Bergson is one of my all-time favorite quotes. 

  • How can you reimagine and redefine the possibilities, your plans, to better align with your core values, mission, vision, and desires? 

Remember that you are the creator, the one in command, and that at any time, you can slow down, you can take a break, you can change lanes, you can make the U-turn.

  • What does it all actually mean? And how does it apply to you? What can you release?

Imagine, if we were like hot air balloons and we had the capacity and ability to fly high, it’s the sandbags that weigh us down. It’s time to empty them out, to cut them off. 

  • How can you acknowledge this spaciousness, savor the emptiness, celebrate the release?

The ego-mind will always try to fill in the vacuum with the next-layer story, fear, contraction, so I invite you once more to be aware of the self-destruction and distraction loops and hoops.

And just as a side-note when it comes to productivity, efficiency and effectiveness: is physical work, the work that has some tangible results that can be measured, timed, and weighted the only kind of (hard) work (that matters)? I promise you it’s not. 

Oftentimes, the actual work will happen in the ethers! And, if you are a mission- and values-driven and highly-accomplished leader like myself, it’s actually being still and doing nothing that is the hardest!

And for the context, here is my personal experience of how exactly I did just that, just recently.

Breakdown Before The Breakthrough

Do you ever become easily distracted in business, and irritated because, all of a sudden, things that you put so much effort, heart and soul into, just no longer fulfill you?

Moreover, with expectations and goals set incredibly high, do you ever (self-sabotage and) fail to produce the desired results in a way I would have liked?

That was me! To get the recipe for a complete and utter meltdown, add to the mix school-related challenges of trying to help my kiddos stay focused and motivated for the final few weeks of distance-learning (because after a year and a half at home, they were ready to call in the summer break all the way back in April!).

Being a natural-born and professionally-trained strategist, my mind would instantly jump to the problem-solving and before I knew it, I found myself duck-taping together several different strategies and tactics to get the ball rolling. But instead of the momentum, I felt really stretched thin. “I should have known better!” self-talk only made matters worse.

It’s Time For Radical Responsibility And Brutal Honesty

With a glass of red wine in one hand, and phone on the other, I was scrolling through my color-coded calendar. Next to me on the table was a list of projects I am…would like to…working on, a list of priorities, as well as the one where I negotiated with the Universe on what I was actually willing to do and not to do, how I was willing to show up at this point. 

Especially with the summer coming, I had a flashback over the past couple of years when I kept powerfully juggling motherhood and business ownership, and householding – and being present in neither one of those roles. Instead, I kept feeling guilty yet always pressuring myself and continuously setting goals even higher.

Obviously this time, I indeed knew better!

I think I will take the whole summer off, and really focus on being fully present, in the moment, with the kids. What’s another two months? I need time for clarity. I need time to release some deeply-rooted stories and limiting beliefs around success, impact, money. I just need time and space!” I talked to a friend in sound currency that wasn’t even mine!

Luckily, our family vacation was coming up and that Saturday morning, I indeed shut off my computer and turned off the ringer of my phone as we drove off to our first sleep-away one after the pandemic.

In addition to dusting off my planning, packing, and relaxing skills (aren’t we all quite rusty?) I also felt something shifting deep within me as well…

I was ready for a change.

A different kind of change.

Releasing The Old And Re-imagining The New

See, it’s been about 6 years since my life was turned upside down – healing from postpartum depression and severe burnout required me to unlearn and undo everything I had known to be true and productive, as a woman, (former) elite athlete, scholar, business owner, employer, and new mom who was still planning on retiring her husband at that point.

The experience became my spiritual awakening, and all these years (and tens of thousands of dollars invested in self-mastery) later, I experienced exponential growth and deep transformation…

Showing up relentlessly and doing the work with discipline and devotion, I came to a completion of certain identities that I stepped into as a coach, mentor, entrepreneur.

(If you are curious to hear more about this process, you are invited to tune into my Make Your Life Your Legacy Podcast right here.) 

[LINK: ]

Now, I finally felt ready to release even more certain ego-driven goals and expectations…

Fear-based strategies that dictated how some of my services were created and offered…

Archaic definitions of hard work, achievement, success, independence…

I got nothing. Absolutely no thought, no ideas, no opinions. Empty. I am empty. And I love it! It’s so expansive, it’s so nourishing!” I said to my friend when she asked how I was feeling at 7am the following morning when we spoke during my morning walk..

Feeling this emptiness was worth acknowledging.

This feeling of spaciousness was worth savoring.

Deep, cellular release was worth celebrating. 

Indeed, as someone who lives my life very fast, who lives ahead of myself, who lives and operates in the quantum field, time really wasn’t a factor; I was able to create the much-need spaciousness, clarity, and inner peace within days!

And that spaciousness, new mental and physical capacity allowed more magic and miracles to happen. 

For example, softening to receive all the goodness and support without being triggered or judgemental.

Enjoying the summer and time with the kiddos while having the most fulfilling, exciting, and fun work-related agenda that gets to be taken care of in just a few hours per week.

And enjoying the closeness with the hubs, and being exalted in the mutual love and appreciation that is literally sparking this honeymoon sensation all over again (and 12 years after the actual honeymoon). 

And looking in the mirror to see a beautiful, magnificent and incredibly capable being who has the innate power to manifest the exact life she’s been asking for, always and in all ways.  

And receiving the answer to long-lingering questions.

It is my hope that this article inspired you to to trust your intuition, take a chance on yourself, and give yourself permission to just be. Be in stillness. Be in contemplation. Be in the moment. 

And, to be more narrow-minded about what you are being open-minded about.

Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA re-defines the possible, architects new frameworks, and channels quantum strategies that match vibrational frequency, harmonize work & life, and turn boldest goals into reality. Leveraging 20+ years of experience, this former international elite athlete has been a secret Strategic & Spiritual weapon, Managerial Genius, and Mindset Maven behind some of the most inspiring socially-conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives. Slovenia-native, Sara currently resides in the Lower Hudson Valley with her husband, two young daughters, and three furry rescues.

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