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Activity Is More Important Than Understanding Your Avatar



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When starting to plan your marketing, especially as an entrepreneur, it can be difficult knowing what to begin with. It’s easy to get tied up in the details and spend more time strategizing about how things should go rather than actually doing the things that will make you successful. 

The best way is to identify your ideal audience, then start looking at how you can connect with them directly. And the way to do this is to take massive action in your research, instead of working from a set of assumptions. 

As you develop a connection through real world interaction with the marketplace, you’ll start to feel more confident about who it is you need to serve and how to give them what they most need. At the end of the day, taking imperfect action will trump guesswork or intellectually surmising over who your avatar is because you’ll know exactly who the ideal target is, as they will make themselves apparent as you take action.

Address Problem In The Marketplace

The first and best action to take when getting started is to go directly to the marketplace and start asking questions, exploring what others have suggested, browsing around to see what the buzz is and what is resonating the most. Look specifically for pain points, by identifying what people are complaining about. 

When you address the problem, you’re more likely to find a bunch of people who have similar issues that you can then help serve. This exercise will bring you closer to your ideal avatar instead of trying to figure it out making assumptions or working through formulas or frameworks. 

Analyze Data

Now that you have solid data to analyze, you’ll want to look for patterns or common themes that present itself in the data. If more people voiced they need help with copywriting while a smaller portion of the audience asks questions around web design, then you’ll want to lean more toward addressing the copywriting issue since there’s a larger number of people seeking help in that specific arena.

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Create A Clear Problem Statement

At this point, you’ll want to create a clear and understandable synopsis of what you’ve interpreted that the actual problem is. Come up with a problem statement that clearly echoes what people have said they’re struggling with. 

When the marketplace can identify with your problem statement, you’ve hit your stride. People do business with providers who know what they’re going through and have a keen understanding of what it takes to solve that problem. This is where your “I help” statement is born.

In this case, an example problem or I help statement could be “I help life coaches create compelling email copy that drives traffic to their websites and makes more sales in less than 30 days”

“Generating traffic is now your mission.”

Validate With Marketplace

For context, based on the problem statement, you’ve engaged in various life coaching groups and forums, gathering data, assessing the posted content, and developing your data set for the formation of your “I help” statement.

Now that your statement is crystal clear, you’ll want to go back into the groups and forums and seeding your problem statement in various conversations to validate your position. You can add your own post, weaving in your statement and taking it from there. 

The idea is to get as much visibility of your I help statement all over the various platforms to get as many people engaging with you. Since you have a built in audience from when you initially started the process, you should get great feedback directly from those people.

Engage With Marketplace

Engagement is arguably one of the most important components of promoting an offer. All successful promotions and sales rely on this key functionality – turning your visitors into committed customers. 

Generating traffic is now your mission. Without solid engagement, there’s no way you can successfully drive people through search, social, referral or any other option.

Promoting your offer on social media is a great way to create buzz. Content marketing is a great option and posting to your stories is another way to get attention. Regardless of what you eventually choose, stay focused on ramping up your daily activity to stay top of mind with your target audience.

Zac Tavenner is an entrepreneur, reputation management expert and the creator of Nurture King software. He helps business owners connect with the right people, faster. Thanks to his innovative tactics and strategies, Zac's clients are able to connect with their ideal prospects and turn them into clients – quickly.

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