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3 Keys To Secure Your Financial Future With @YahyaBakkar



Yahya Bakkar is a world-class speaker, business mentor, and legacy builder. His entire philosophy in entrepreneurship is to build the right business models for a stable financial legacy.

This modern-day renaissance man has helped others achieve success on their terms without sacrificing family, freedom or a sense of fulfillment with his powerful message of establishing a legacy by breaking generational curses while building generational wealth.

Yahya Bakkar left the “knowledge” and coaching industry to create better, more sustainable business models and service the exponentially growing need of wealth transfers across the globe.

I consider Yahya a very dear friend. Heck, with his polynesian tattoo, he’s practically family at this point.  After being a fan of his speaking career and avid supporter of his entrepreneurial vision, I’ve gleaned 3 keys from Yahya that I’d like to spit game on and drop knowledge to. It’s helped me to re-shape the way I go about my business and life. 

Here are 3 specific things you should know, to ensure you are building for your future and family legacy.

Own Your Identity

We can get into the weeds regarding tangible, raw, and uncut “identification” and who we really are, but at the core of what Yahya talks about is the pure and authentic reality of your personhood, belief systems and way of life.

Recognize that YOU are the totality of your experiences, thoughts, desires, actions, and certainly not what others think about you.

When you reflect on your life experiences, you’ll quickly notice that life doesn’t happen on a whim of chance or happenstance, but more so in alignment with the wonders of your choices and actions. As you live your best life, moment by moment, you become your essence. You walk into your identity and lean into your leadership.

It can be easy to change directions or switch gears as you grow and get older. However, pivoting and adjustments DO NOT change the core of who you are. When you embrace your true identity, no one can take that away from you. Stand firm in your convictions and embrace who you are.

Make Your Money Work For You

If you leave the bulk of your money in a savings account at the bank, you’re doing the wrong thing. Becoming financially savvy is the first thing you should do. Learn about money, how money works, how to preserve and prepare the future of your family, using proper financial instruments, and understanding which professionals should be in your corner.

As you operate in business, it’s important to know the right people who can give you sound advice and wise counsel. Find experts, build rapport, and establish a solid relationship you can trust.

Your trusted advisors will help you to create a financial game plan so your money is properly protected and invested. As your investments compound and grow, so does your peace of mind and the foundation for your future.

Keep Your Circle Close & Active

The closer and active your inner circle is, the more likely your family legacy will be secure and safe. Dedicate your efforts to maintaining these relationships, so they’ll stay alive with courageous conversations and constant check ins.

Successful people throughout history were able to achieve their goals in the context of community. Same goes here. The stronger the bond is with your inner circle, the stronger your future relationships will be, for your posterity and beyond.

Be intentional.

Be consistent.

Be future-centric.

Protect Yourself From A Lack Of Planning

The transfer of generational wealth is a serious issue for many families, businesses and individuals.

Most people don’t know how to plan ahead, stay ahead, or even understand if they have the knowledge to do so. As a result, they often end up with little to no control over their financial future. 

Yahya has helped many people find their purpose and grow their businesses into the millions. As he’s coached and supported people, he’s seen the looming danger ahead, which is why his focus is to bring peace of mind to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Keeping and growing wealth is the name of the game. It doesn’t matter how small your net worth is or how massive your portfolio, the key element is learning the rules of the game and properly planning, strategically and tactically.

What Next?

Yahya believes that you can’t lose if you build the right business models and have the right people in your corner. In a world full of uncertainty, he’s found peace in knowing his family legacy is secure and prosperous, and so will yours be.

The future requires leaders to have mastery over their time, money, energy, and all aspects of their lives. Allocate a little time in your day to reflect on who should be in your corner. Gather your team of professionals together to discuss YOUR situation.

Have sessions to review your personal mission statement, the mission & vision of the business, and then start putting together a plan to bring everything into alignment. This is not a fly by night activity over some beers and NFL football. These planning sessions must be conducted in a sound and professional manner.

When all is said and done, you have the power to put things in place today, sothe future of your family is secure, for a better tomorrow. Take control, own your identity, and make your money work for you.

Your future depends on it.

Rob Pene, the chief growth guy at Mission Driven Brand, LLC, left the polynesian islands to pursue his dream of higher education and entrepreneurship. He is a former professional baseball player, spent 6 years as a public school teacher, and has over 12 years of experience in sales and marketing. When Rob isn’t optimizing a website for conversions, he’s either hanging out with family, cooking & washing dishes, or on zoom teaching or coaching. Connect with Rob on his Insta

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